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ישׁיבת רוּחַ ואֶמֶת

Yeshivat Ruach V'Emet

Yeshivat Ruach V'Emet:

Yeshivat Ruach V'Emet Messianic Yeshiva is a Torah Observant, Messianic Jewish, and Hebrew Roots, school training individuals for the purpose of igniting the flame of Torah in a world of darkness.

The Call of Yeshivat Ruach V'Emet:

"All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make students of all the nations, immersing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you."(Matthew 28:18-20).

The Vision of Yeshivat Ruach V'Emet:

The vision is of a school where those of all backgrounds can come together to learn how to be students, not of academia, but students of Messiah Yeshua. We are all called to be imitators of Messiah Yeshua. Therefore, it is our duty to learn, how to live a holy life and worship the Messiah through the Torah.

The Students of Yeshivat Ruach V'Emet:

The education students receive at ABOUT Torah is committed to furnishing the resources necessary in training Messianic Jewish and non-Jewish believers in how to live a spirit filled messianic lifestyle that is Torah Observant. As a result, ABOUT Torah messianic association students are given the resources necessary to fulfill Ephesians 4:12-13 which states "for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Messiah: Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Messiah"

Yeshivat Ruach V'Emet Graduation:

For the final assessment students are required to attend the annual Sukkot gathering and open house of Yeshivat Ruach V'Emet, ABOUT-Torah and Ruach V'Emet. It is mandatory that students seeking ordination attend this event. During the intermediary days of Sukkot prospective graduates are evaluated by their ability to lead public teachings, training sessions and worship services. Upon successful completion the candidates will be presented to an OMJRA Beit-Din for approval and ordination. This event is required for third year students seeking ordination in a messianic leadership role.

The Class Information:

Yeshivat Ruach V'Emet class schedule allows students to work full time and still complete a full schedule of classes. The sessions each year are arranged so there is time off for the Holy Days.

On-line classes are conducted through the training division of Ruach V'Emet Messianic Association. On-line classes are for the self motivated student who can not attend classes on site.

The privacy of our students is our foremost concern, therefore many parts of this site are password protected. However, once you are admitted you'll be issued a password, which will allow you to access all the site.

Getting Started:

These classes are deemed essential for a well rounded education, they may be scheduled for special arrangement after completion of the three required core classes. Also be aware there is a minimum requirement of at least three classes per session, for any student who desires to be considered a full time student.

Classes listed are for the Bible Scholarship and traditional certifications only. They are typical of the type and format of the classes in the remaining certification programs. However, each level of certification requires completion of the previous years certification as a prerequisite. Classes may also be taken individually for students not seeking certification. Contact the enrollment department to schedule classes to be taken individually.

Bible Scholarship 1 year completion
Traditional Studies 2 year completion
Leadership Studies* 3 year completion

* Upon completion of leadership studies, the student may seek ordination. Yeshivat Ruach V'Emet offers two types of ordination. The two types of ordinations offered are pastoral and rabbinic. Here is the link for questions concerning and the ordination requirements. The ordination requirements meet the high standards of the OMJRA and Yeshivat Ruach V'Emet.

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Classes Available:

First Year, Torah Studies:
Class Type: Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5 Credits
Foundational Torah Torah Parasha 1 Torah Parasha 2 Torah Parasha 3 Torah Parasha 4 Torah Parasha 5 5
Foundational History Jewish Hist. 1 Jewish Hist. 2 Jewish Hist. 3 Jewish Hist. 4 No Scheduled Class 4
Foundational Tanakh Hand to Plow What Now God's Parties Grace & Torah Two Priests 5
Foundational Language Primary Hebrew 1 Primary Hebrew 2 Primary Hebrew 3 Primary Hebrew 4 Primary Hebrew 5 5

Second Year, Traditional Studies:
Class Type: Session 6 Session 7 Session 8 Session 9 Session 10 Credits
Intermediate Torah Torah Parasha 6 Torah Parasha 7 Torah Parasha 8 Torah Parasha 9 Torah Parasha 10 5
Intermediate History Biblical Calendar Messiah Manifest The Sources 1 The Sources 2 Maccabees/Mishnah 5
Intermediate Language Secondary Hebrew 1 Secondary Hebrew 2 Secondary Hebrew 3 Secondary Hebrew 4 Secondary Hebrew 5 5

Third Year, Leadership Studies:
Class Type: Session 11 Session 12 Session 13 Session 14 Session 15 Credits
Advanced Leadership Pirkey Avot Death & Mourning Student Video 1 Student Video 2 Student Video 3 5
Advanced - Practicum Sukkot Reception Sukkot Teaching 1 Sukkot Teaching 2 Sukkot Teaching 3 Sukkot Graduation 5
Advanced - Language Tertiary Hebrew 1 Tertiary Hebrew 2 Tertiary Hebrew 3 Tertiary Hebrew 4 Tertiary Hebrew 5 5

Classes Structure:

Advanced Classes
Ordination Completion 49 Total Credits Required - 3 Years
Intermediate Classes
Traditional Studies Certificate 34 Total Credits Required - 2 Years
Foundational Classes Classes
Biblical Studies Certificate 19 Total Credits Required - 1 Years


Suggested Tuition Donation

Like any ministry the Ruach V'Emet Yeshiva has expenses. To operate on a donation only financial platform Ruach V'Emet has become 501-C3 organization. Therefore we depend entirely on donations to cover expenses. This organizations expenses fall into five major categories which are: publication, instructor procurement, technology, domain registration, server time and the yearly Sukkot open house. Currently Ruach V'Emet's monthly expense average is approximately $120.00/mo. This is just enough to maintain this web presence and to acquire the software required for virus prevention. Unfortunately,$120.00/mo is often difficult to maintain and as a result Ruach V'Emet and ABOUT Torah constantly struggle to make ends meet. Therefore, we are extremely grateful to any individual who donate to our tuition & scholarship fund.

When a student donates at least 1 year in advance the student is considered a full time student. Students may take less than 15 Classes per year. The tuition is the same for taking 1 class or 3 classes per-month. It takes the successful completion of 15 classes in 5 semesters per-year to be promoted to the next consecutive year.

The Longer The Donation Interval The Greater The Discount.

Recommended Donation Monthly:
1 semester = $60.00
Recommended Donation Quarterly:
2 semesters = $75.00
Recommended Donation semi-annual:
3 semesters = $120.00
Recommended Donation annual:
5 semesters = $204.00
Recommended Donation biennial:
10 semesters = $360.00
Recommended Donation triennial:
15 semesters = $432.00

A student seeking ordination must successfully complete 3 years which equals 45 consecutive classes. Students donating for 3 years in advance receive a considerable discount.

A full time student is a student who chooses to donate at least 1 year in advance. To be considered full time students may donate $204.00 for 1 year, $360.00 for 2 years, or $432.00 for 3 years.

1 Year Biblical Studies Certification / 15 Classes = 1 year completion Recommended Donation
2 Years Traditional Studies Certification / 30 Classes = 2 years completion Recommended Donation
3 Years Leadership Ordination Studies / 45 Classes = 3 year completion Recommended Donation

Credits Needed To Graduate & Become Certified Or Ordained:

In the first year 19 credits are required to complete a full session and become certified in Biblical Studies. In the second year the 19 credits from the first year plus the 15 credits from the second year are required to become certified for Traditional Studies.

Active students and consistent donors are given priority when class space is limited.

Ordination Candidates Must Adhere And Agree With The Ordination Mandates In The Following Link:

You Must Fill Out This Admission Form To Donate & Start The Enrollment Process

Use this donation email link to ask about paying with a check, money order, or group registration.

If you have any other questions concerning the OMJRA standards please send an email to

Belief Profile:

The Instructor Profile:

Rabbi Yaakov benYosef:

Rabbi Yaakov is the Rosh Yeshiva, and president of ABOUT Torah, The Ruach V'Emet Research Institute, and the Ruach V'Emet Messianic Synagogue. Rabbi Yaakov studied under an observant messianic rabbi and was given semikha on March 12, 1998 by the OMJRA. Rabbi Yaakov's ordination papers are currently on file with the OMJRA


Rabbi Yaakov also graduated with honors and holds degrees in computer science, and social and behavioral science. His specialty is studying the historical and social impact of religious beliefs. Rabbi Yaakov's research emphasis is the study of ancient society during the time of Yeshua. In addition to his teaching and administrative duties with Ruach V'Emet, Rabbi Yaakov currently serves as the Vice President of the OMJRA.

Hava benYosef:

Currently Hava has done work on a masters degree in Ancient History at the University of Oklahoma. The emphasis of this work in ancient history focused on Hebrew and Aramaic. She is also involved in the development of a translation of The Targum of Proverbs from Aramaic. She is the instructor for Biblical Hebrew.

Rabbi Yehoshua M. Othniel:

Rabbi Othniel has been involved with the Messianic Movement for over 12 years. After a lengthy period of study under various rabbis, both traditional and Messianic, Rabbi Othniel received semikha in 1993. Copies of the Rabbis' ordination papers are currently on file with the OMJRA. Rabbi Othniel holds a masters degree. He is a published author and lecturer and the founder of the Biblical Studies Institute of Independence, Kansas. Rabbi Othniel currently serves as the Nasi (President) of the OMJRA. He is also the Executive Administrator for Sha'ari Torah Yeshiva, a Hebrew day school, grades K-12. Rabbi Othniel is the spiritual leader of Kehilat Ami Echad synagogue of Independence, Kansas and he is the Alter Rebbe of the HaM'kablim Yisroel community.

Yeshivat Ruach V'Emet Yeshiva Research

The instructors and students at Yeshivat Ruach V'Emet maintain an extensive research library, for researching and learning the truth about the Torah based form of worship that occurred and was practiced during the second temple era. When new historical research has been released concerning present doctrinal and theological ideas effecting the Messianic Community, the research will be posted here.

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