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Feast Need Fund, Scholarship Fund & Operations Fund

Donation Needs Outlined:

Even though as a ministry financial gain is not why we exist, ABOUT-Torah.org cannot operate in a deficit. The only thing that will keep this ministry functioning is HaShem’s blessings and your contributions.

Foundational Organization:

Doing business as ABOUT-Torah Ruach V'Emet Messianic Synagogue is listed as a 501-c3 organization. Ruach V'Emet Messianic Synagogue is the founding organization, owner and maintainer of the about-torah.net, about-torah.com and about-torah.org domains. All donations made through the about-torah.org web site fund ministries associated with Ruach V'Emet Messianic Synagogue only.

Feast Need Fund:

ABOUT-Torah is aware that there were many individuals in the community who are unable to enjoy the feasts. ABOUT-Torah maintains a fund for the provision of food and supplies for all the individuals who desire to celebrate these times of joy. ABOUT-Torah believes in the importance of following the commandment to provide for those in need during the times of the feasts as stated in Deuteronomy 16:13-14:

"You are to keep the festival of Sukkot for seven days after you have gathered the produce of your threshing-floor and winepress. Rejoice at your festival - you, your sons and daughters, your male and female slaves, the L'vi'im, and the foreigners, orphans and widows living among you." (CJB)

Providing for the needs of the entire messianic body of believers for the feasts is essential. However, it is also ABOUT-Torah's responsibility to provide these needs wisely. Therefore, it is crucial that this ministry be a good steward of the donations received. This is especially true for the feast need fund. To prevent any misappropriation of donations the Sukkot Feast Fund will abide by the following guidelines.

Feast Fund Criteria:

  1. For Those In Need Only
  2. Funds Will Be For Feasts Only

Feast Fund Goal:

The first goal of the Sukkot Need fund is to raise $1000.00/USD in this first year. This $1000.00 will be used to provide lodging assistance for those in need at Sukkot. When the goal of this initial $1000.00/USD has been reached the Sukkot need fund will continue as a maintenance fund to provide for those in need during future Sukkot gatherings.

Feast Donations:

This Feast Need Fund will only survive and thrive if the whole messianic community supports this effort. Unfortunately, past experience has shown that it is very difficult for different messianic groups to come together and accomplish a common goal. It is clear that times are changing and that all messianic groups need to come together for the common good of the whole messianic community. In spirit of unity for the good of whole messianic community we ask for donation assistance to make celebrating the feasts reality for the whole messianic community.

Yeshiva Scholarship Fund:

Recommended Donation Monthly:
Recommended Donation Quarterly:
Recommended Donation semi-annual:
Recommended Donation annual:
Recommended Donation biennial:
Recommended Donation triennial:

Your donations will allow us to provide free admission and training materials to the yeshiva for qualifying candidates. As a result, your donation will help secure the future of the Torah Observant Messianic movement.

ABOUT-Torah Operations Fund:

This fund allow us to provide a continuing quality web presence, software and training materials for ABOUT-Torah.

General Donation Distribution:

Distribution Of Every $1.00/US Donated To The Operations Fund.

  • Tabernacle Feast Fund: 25¢
  • Yeshiva Scholarship Fund: 25¢
  • ABOUT-Torah Operations Fund: 50¢

Donors May Also Request Their Donations To Be Directed To a Specific Fund. For Example, The Scholarship Fund.

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