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This web page is a index of messianic Tanakh and Brit Chadashah commentaries other than the Torah Portion Commentaries.

You are welcome to use these Torah teachings in your Shabbat school, yeshiva or midrash. This section is a small percentage of all of the messianic teaching and training materials we offer. Therefore, if you desire to learn more about Torah Observant Living, we suggest that you enroll and start classes.

Holy Day Teachings

Holy Day
Yom Teruah
Yom Kippur
Starting The Jubilee
The Complete Passover Collection
Redemption and Unleavened Bread

Additional And Highlight Teachings

Spiritual Conflict
Sighted New Moon
The First Biblical Month
Torah Observant Grace
Messiah's Unique Soul
The Babylonian Sabbath Conspiracy
The Thirteenth Biblical Month Adar Two

Association of Believers Observing, Understanding and Teaching The Torah