ABOUT-Torah Sukkot 2014 @ Shepherd's Point

רועים חוד מחנאוּת

Sukkot 2014 Reservation Requirement:

For Sukkot 2014 Shepherd's point will be entirely rented by B'Nai Israel Messianic Assembly. Therefore, guests at the Sukkot 2014 Feast of Tabernacles will have exclusive use of this campground. However, in keeping with our desire to make the Sukkot 2014 experience as enjoyable as possible the ministries of B'Nai Israel, Ruach V'Emet and Havurah Ami Echad will be hosting this event and paying for the Sukkot 2014 campground. These three groups have agreed to limit the the number of attendees for Sukkot 2014 to 200. This requires us to make the Sukkot 2014 Feast of Tabernacles event by reservation only.

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